Rental Procedure

Randonee equipment is considerably more sophisticated than in alpine or cross country skiing. To select the right skis for your tour and to correctly adjust the right bindings is crucial for good lasting impression. Its success depends on long-time experience in the field of Randonee rental and a proper discussion with the customer.

  1. Visit us in good time before the pick-up day for selection of the equipment and reservation. (e.g. 3 – 4 days  in advance and at least 1 – 2 hours before closing time)
  2. Bring your passport or driving license. If you are not a registered in Norway with a personalnumber, we do need the passport. Our rental equipment is top-quality material and new, i.e. of considerable value.
  3. Payment due at reservation, either with cash or Norwegian bankcard/debit card. We do not accept kredit cards!
  4. At Pick-up day your equipment is workshop processed and ready to go within a few minutes. For one set of equipment 1000.- nok have to be deposited in “cash”. The  money is returned at damagefree delivery.
  5. Pick-up day and return-day are free of charge! E.g. renting from Friday to Monday are 2 rental days.
  6. 150,- nok service flat-fee have to be paid for registration and skiservice. The rental prices are given below.
  7. Defekt or lost equipment have to be paid for at a modest price, since we are service and importcenter. But it may be advised to check with your insurance company. We do not offer insurances.
  8. DO NOT USE our light-weight skiboots for walking and climbing!!! Use separate hiking boots.
  9. We also carry Randonee framebindings, which are very comfortable in relaxing touring. Those bindings also fit with standard alpine skiboots! If you choose this, please bring one boot on registration day for ski adjustment.
  10. Min. 2 rental days invoiced.
  11. Latest return 90 min before closing time. Thereafter another rental day will be invoiced.
  12. Mandatory return of equipment clean and dry – otherwise min. 400,- nok will be charged for cleaning service.

Rental Prices

Product (days) 1d 2d 3d 4d + day
Skis & Hagan frame binding or ATK Race Tech – world lightest and most innovative bindings. Choose from a big variety of different skis and bindings. 200,- 325,- 465,- 575,- 90,-/day
Staver / Poles 50,- 80,- 100,- 110,- 20,-/day
Feller / Skins 50,- 90,- 120,- 150,- 20,-/day
Hjelm / Helmet 30,- 60,- 90,- 110,- 20,-/day
Sko / Boots 140,- 200,- 260,- 300,- 40,-/day
a) Spade /Shovel 35,- 70,- 105,- 140,- 20,-/day
b) Søkestang / Probe 35,- 70,- 105,- 140,- 20,-/day
c) Skredsøker / Beacon 100,- 200,- 300,- 350,- 50,-/day
Sikkerhetspakke / Safety package (=a,b,c) 150,- 300,- 450,- 550,- 80,-/day
Skarejern / Crampons 30,- 60,- 90,- 120,- 30,-/day