ATK Race

Founded in 2006, the Italian company ATK Race soon became the innovative world leader in the development of lightweight, robust, functional and safe ski-touring / Randonee / Freeride bindings and accessoires. Already in 2008 ATK Race equipped the ski mountaineering world champion.

Due to its dynamic CNC high-tech production, where all parts are produced from solid blocks of aeronautical materials, ATK Race engineering sets constantly new standards in ski mountaineering technology. In contrast to the molding technology, used by most other suppliers of the less demanding mass-market, ATK is introducing new advanced designs ahead in time. This enables ATK to constantly improve quality and safety standards on short notice. “


R.C.A. Binding

88 g, worlds lightest durable and robust Race binding, limited edition

SLR Release

worlds lightest touring binding, also for race; smooth and easy step-in; flat mode for quick and easy skating and riser in climbing mode. Heel binding with adjustable release values.

Easy step-in even under powder snow conditions!

Raider 12 2.0 Randonee/Freeride binding

With release values from 5 to 12, a tremendeous force-flow improving the skiing dynamics, and at only 350 g,  the binding is by far the worlds lightest and most powerful binding in this skiing segment. In addition, it offers easy adjustment of the heel rise using the poles, and it enables flat mode!

Newmark Free-Lock Tele-Randobinding

With 330 g the worlds lightest Telerandobinding.

Enjoy Telemark and Randonee by switching in seconds with to levers between both modes and without leaving the binding. Possibility for crampons just below the foot for best effect and easy handling. Flat walk-mode and heel-rise walk-mode. Adjustable for different shoe sizes. Very robust and tested by Fri-Flyt magazine even with 360 turns.