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The Rohloff AG is a company which has repeatedly shown its innovative power by developing new products in the field of motive power engineering for bicycles. Top athletes in particular have appreciated the companys products for a long time. That does not only hold true for their well functioning but also for their great reliability and durability.


Rohloff in
MTB Bikes

The German industrial company Rohloff produces the world`s most innovative, robust and economical internal gear hub. With a Rohloff system you can easily achieve more than 100.000 km.

14 real switching steps with no overlap – equivalent to an external gear system of 27 steps

Gearing between unique steps and with a twist-shifter at the handlebar makes its operation extremely fast compared to the external gear systems

Fewer parts: less maintenance and extremely low wear and tear, as well as hardly any defects (no external gear, front gear, cassette, as well as only one gearwheel at the back and in front)

Shorter chain length and a straight chain-line increase lifetime of a chain tremendeously and results in a considerably higher energy-efficiency of your leg power.

With a certified bike frame, the Rohloff hub can be equipped with a carbon belt instead of a chain. The lifetime of the carbon belt can reach up to 20.000 km. This carbon belt also is extremely stiff, which results in an additional increase in energy efficiency up to more than 90 % over its lifetime, whereas a chain quickly degenerates down to the 80 % area or even less. In addition the bike becomes more responsive, which also is favored by the shorter spoke lengths of the back-wheel.

Only Rohloff produces internal hubs that give athletes the robust and light sytem to win races.

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  • Rohloff-Santos athletes participated once in the Birkebeiner competition and got directly on the 2nd place on the Friday event and on the 3rd place on the satturday event. Also in general, Rohloff has worldwide considerable success
  • The gear-hub lasts torque values of approx. 350 nM, which compares to a big transport car. This makes Rohloff also appropriate for e-bikes.
  • Life-time of up to more than 100.000 km under all weather and ground conditions. Ice, snow, sand, mud are no challenge for the perfect function.
  • The system also allows gear switching on stand-still
  • Only 1 to 2 oilchanges a year (few mL)
  • Cleaning your bike becomes a non-event, especially with carbon belts. No sticky oil that sucks up mud.
  • Just clean your bike with a water hose and a soft cloth, that’s all you need in most cases.
  • Rohloff gear hubs can be mounted on the most types of bikes: Sport, training, city, transport, e-bike, mtb, atb, downhill, tandem
  • We deliver the parts, are responsible for the Norwegian service, supply Rohloff bikes and mount those systems onto your bike.

Rohloff Speedhub

The SPEEDHUB torque will be anchored to the frame via a peg on a specially constructed “PM Bone”. The PM Bone is mounted directly to the integrated 160mm/180mm Postmount brake caliper mount of the frame. PM axleplates are available for CC axles (article code CC PM) and A12 axles (article code A12 PM). The A12 PM axleplate version is illustrated mounted to a SPEEDHUB in fig.4 to the right.