Rental Procedure – Touring / Randonnee Skis:

Randonnee equipment is considerably more sophisticated than in alpine or cross country skiing. To select the right skis for your tour and to correctly adjust the right bindings is crucial for good lasting impression. Its success depends on long-time experience in the field of Randonee rental and a proper discussion with the customer.

Pick-up and return day are free of charge and do not count as rental days! Booking minimum 2 rental days.

  1. Visit us in good time before the pick-up day for selection of the equipment and reservation. (e.g. 3 – 4 days  in advance and at least 1 – 2 hours before closing time). Bring your passport or driving license. You do need a Norwegian contact address. Rental is paid at reservation. We accept norwegian bankcard and cash, but no credit card.
  2. At Pick-up day bring 1.500.- nok for deposit in cash, which is reimbursed at damagefree return. Usual wear and tear during correct usage is accepted. Defect or lost equipment will be charged for. You might consult with your insurance company.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use our light-weight touring boots for walking or climbing on snowfree ground!!! They will be quickly damaged beyond possibility for repair.
  4. Latest return time on the return day is at least 90 min before closing time. Later return will be charged with another rental day.
  5. The equipment has to be returned CLEAN and DRY. Otherwise 400.-nok surcharge will have to be paid for this service.

We only offer high-end Randonnee Ski / Touring Ski and equipment as to give you a safe and reliable skiing adventure.

Thank you for handling the equipment with care.

Fast-Sports AS

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