Hagan Ski

Pure Ski Mountaineering – This motto conveys the Hagan professionalism and passion for ski mountaineering. Staff, athletes and ski professionals conduct continuous research and direct on the mountain testing. Hagan has the world’s widest selection of mountaineering skis with products perfectly tailored and addressed to the breadth of ski touring needs. Quality features such as ABS side walls, premium wood cores, and weight-saving sculpted low-height poles characterize the Hagan ski collection.

Hagan pais particular attention to performance and product quality. Where warranted, a few extra grams per ski ensure that every Hagan skier enjoys years of high performance skiing. For winter 16/17 Hagan redesigned and optimized three of the most popular ski models – creating the new Y-[wai]ride, Ultra and Race. We invested in the meticulous, patient and rigorous development of the Hagan CORE ski touring boot. One more size was added to the successful Z02 Junior binding. Pure ski mountaineering – with Hagan every ski touring pursuit is possible.


Chimera One

The Chimera One’s 124-87-109mm geometry creates a multi-radius sidecut for 18 to 22 meter turns. Loading the front of the ski generates sharper turns. Less forward pressure lengthens the carving radius. This makes the Chimera One a very versatile ski, perfect for adventurous high alpine skiers. Excellent flotation combined with super stability and edge hold in challenging conditions make the Chimera One the choice when you may face it all. The Chimera One is ideal for those whose backcountry skiing pursuits define epic.


Our Z01 All Mountain frame binding was designed with an emphasis on ease of use, skiing performance and 100% security. The Hagan carbon- fiber reinforced frame bindings are the first choice for tourers desiring easy adjustability and operation and robust materials and design. Frame binding fans appreciate the Z01s effortless switching between climbing heights and lock mode — no body distortions or broken pole tips are the advantages of touring with the Hagan Z01 binding. That and superior stride mechanics, superior durability and lighter weight than other frame systems.