Fast Sports AS

Started in 2002 as a Oslo based bike shop ( with strong expertise in technology and outstanding workshop competence. With standard bike parts becoming increasingly less innovative and more prone to defects and wear and tear, our modern focus shiftet towards import and distribution of exquisite sporting goods that meet strict criteria:

Our goal is to supply hardware that transforms your power into fast motion, by biodynamic optimization, low-weight, robust properties and strong durability.

At present we focus on Rohloff internal gear-hubs and bikes, for the best biking experiences money can buy. Outstandingly robust and extreme functional reliability with lifetimes of up to more than 100.000 km under all weather and ground conditions. Highest energy efficiency, improved biking dynamics and quickest gear shifting. Combined with a carbon belt instead of a chain, it further optimizes power transmission and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Fast-Sports AS offers Randonee

Touring skis with 30 years of competence and being among the first to promote this sport on the Norwegian market. Today we supply Hagan skis from Austria by direct sales from factory and with a wide variety of state-of-the-art skis (80 years of competence) for modest prices. ATK Race, the most innovative company and technology leader in high-end skitouring bindings and accessoires. Kohla being one of worlds largest producer of skins, supplying various well-known ski manufacturers.

Furthermore, with more than 100 pairs of equipment, Fast-Sports AS runs one of Norways largest rentals of touringskis at a very good price. Our rental products consist of finest high-end equipment and are constantly replaced, also during the skiing season! Acting as import-marketing for the manufacturers and equipped with an extensive workshop, this allows us to provide always new rental equipment in top shape.

By this, Fast-Sports AS offers you throughout the whole year astonishing bargains on used touring ski equipment from rental or demonstration, in the very best shape and including a 1 year guarantee.

Furthermore, previous equipment models are sold new for a very good price.

In addition we are the first to professionally promote coastal rowing in Norway and to offer boats and equipment, that are fast, dynamic and athletic in coastal waters. Due to its biodynamic optimizied power to motion, it gives you the highest speed you can reach on rough waters, purely by means of your full-body muscles. And when surfing the waves in these boats, you are hooked in this combination of sport and adventure. There is nothing like this!

Feel like an athlete – become an athlete and simply have fun!

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